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Lower fares. Higher earning. No carbon footprint. Otto.

Otto is an eco-friendly ridesharing app that pledges to have zero net CO2 contributions wile proving more affordable, safer, and highly customizable routes for our customers and more economical, transparent and friendly experience for the driver.

We do this by providing higher ride rates for our eco-drivers and lower fees for eco-riders. In addition to this we provide multiple route options (for safety, view, price or speed) and give drivers the opportunity to be 100% earners with our dynamic drivers programs. Making drivers happier and subsequently the riders.

Most Importantly we plant an adequate number of trees to clean CO2 contribution from gasoline cars. Making sure we lessen our carbon footprint and help take responsibility to our environment. To help this initiative we collaborate with other environmental organizations to strengthen green initiatives.


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Not just your typical on-demand rideshare app

We want Otto to pioneer a new perspective on how we operate on-demand rides. Taking accountability for our actions while looking to bring fairer practices to our driving partners. Today, we debut our vision for the next generation or rideshare. We recognize that being an integral part of the global environmental agenda comes with great responsibility and we are ready. That’s why we are working to make sure we are using the most sustainable business models and put thousands of R&D into that.

We make sure our customers and drivers are treated like VIPs and they will be rewarded for their efforts and for taking this journey with us.

A look at our main features:
Eco- Initiative
Earn more and pay less when a eco/hybrid car is used
Carbon Sequestration
We plant trees to offset the amount of CO2 emissions our cars let out.
100% Lifetime Earners
Otto gives our drives to earn 100% of their fare. Forever

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We are building a brand that is associated to have the environment in mind and target those who are conscious of climate change and economical fairness. As part of our strategy, we are primarily based in The Garden State – New Jersey